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    Leadership speech

    General manager of the New Year message

        The dawn of the New Year bath, full of the joy of victory, we bid farewell to the challenging 2012, and lofty, ushered in 2013 with confidence. In this festive occasion, on behalf of the Board of Directors and on my own behalf to all industrious and talented colleagues Tairui extend my most heartfelt blessing, but also to those who have been concerned about the support of government-led development of Tairui, customers, employees and their families expressed their sincere gratitude. I wish everyone in the new year, happy and peaceful, happy and healthy, happy family!

    Recalling 2012, the international situation is complicated, the global recession, the next European financial lagging environment, Tairui were “upgrading cost reduction” as the theme, thoroughly implement the “fine, fine, beautiful” management thinking, the whole Secretary for unity and hard work, innovation, made a more encouraging results: the completion of the scheduled beginning of the production targets, technology and Engineering Center building commissioning, safety and Environmental standards continue to improve, the Pacific technology companies successful trial production, the company’s overall management into a standardized employee income increase of 25% over the previous year, the company smoothly through an extraordinary 2012. We can say that 2012 was all my colleagues Tairui proactive, Yong success of the year, the company is also hard work, constant figure the new year.

    New Year, Vientiane update. On the ninth time employee congress has just ended, we defined the 2013 target, the proposed “quality and efficiency” theme, all aspects of the work to make a detailed planning arrangements, the new year has been appointed manager end of year target has signed letters of responsibility. Hongtu has been drawn, Zhengfan positive voyage! Emergency horn sounded, let us work together to wholehearted passion and passion into the work of the new year. In 2013, we want to: strengthen staff training, change their work style, improve employee on the corporate culture of recognition and loyalty to the company; ongoing process optimization and recycling, play a leading role in high-level, to improve the execution and efficiency ; according to the source of governance mode of thinking, the full implementation of the budget management system; standardize and improve the management system, and strive to create positive incentives assessment humane atmosphere. Carried off in the company of “efficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency” of the three-way activities in an effort to complete all the work we have established the goal, so that employees the company simultaneously increased revenue and economic benefits.

    I believe that if we work together and work together, “Tairui benefits, humanities Tairui, Tairui hundred,” the vision will be realized.

    Strength in confidence, inspiring mission. With the New Year’s bell, standing at a new historical starting point, we will unite all the people of the wisdom of Tairui, seize strategic opportunities, planning reform and innovation, let us take off together toward the goal, to achieve our common glory and dream of it!

    Tairui Ningxia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    General Manager: Wang
    January 2013