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    Career Development

    1. The system of vocational training
    The company attaches great importance to continued appreciation of human capital, offers a wide range of training and learning opportunities for staff to help employees continue to grow, not only the pursuit of products and services to maintain the leading position in the industry, but also strive to industry leadership in the overall quality of talent.
    New employee orientation: Rich expand training and mentoring into the department of systematic pre-service training and professional skills, and help new employees integrate quickly and competent at their jobs.
    Training and retraining: because of the company or other reasons need, employees need to change jobs, should participate in training and retraining, training includes training in standard operating procedures, GMP training, relevant laws and regulations, such as content management system new jobs, helping to quickly reassign employees competent at their jobs.
    Newly promoted managers training: for newly promoted managers to role changes, training enterprise environment analysis and corporate strategy development.
    The-job training: contains the basics job training, job skills training, awareness training, house training, training and other forms of expatriate job training.

    2. career planning
    Employees: The company attaches great importance to personal career planning staff, the company encourages employees to follow the development of the model of management and technology dual-channel to plan professional development, qualification management system established to encourage employees to set short-term / long-term career goals, through the qualifications needed for development strengths / gaps do self-evaluation as well as interviews and parent communication, thus promoting the development of qualified staff to achieve self-development. In order to ensure that employees in the company to get more space for development, the company has also introduced a system of rotation of key staff in key positions, management positions in grassroots competition system to encourage employees to show their way through the competition to stand out, many developing their ability to work.
    Future Stars: The company emphasis on basic human resource planning for the development of graduates each year, “Future Star” training program, college students from the business began, the goal is to three-year training cycle exercise training college students to “professional person” so Students master the management skills and negotiation skills as a director should have, or to become a professional capacity with depth professionals. At the same time during the three years of training, so that students fully understand the corporate culture and employment mechanism Tairui Pharmaceuticals, through internal and orderly competition and incentives to guide each student, so that a sense of belonging to Tairui, satisfaction, become a proud, “Tairui person.”