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    Talent strategy

    Tairui talent strategy

    1. competitive salary package
    Company has the perfect remuneration system, to provide staff with competitive remuneration packages, challenging work, a broad platform for the development and promotion of space.
    Through the performance appraisal system, aligning employee performance with rewards from close contact to ensure that excellent employees receive more recognition and incentive.
    2. improvement of the security system
    Companies in strict accordance with State regulations, to provide staff with a sound social security system: the official labor contracts with each employee; payment of five individuals for social security (Pension \Work-related injuries \Medical \Unemployment\Fertility Insurance);
    Pay Housing Fund for each employee.
    3. superior employee benefits
    Company for employees established employees of home, internal badminton field, and table tennis field, and library, and electronic reading room, venues, rich employees amateur culture life; company for employees provides enjoy various holiday, and paid annual of right; company annually organization once full free medical, makes you on himself of body knows; company has large halal restaurant, provides meals subsidies, for employees provides rich diverse of early, and in the, and dinner; company for employees provides free of collective hostel; company often organization employees held dance party, and Collective civic activities such as sports competitions; holiday benefits for any employee of the company, such as birthday benefits, Changqing benefits and women’s welfare.
    4. humanized individual vacation
    Employee Si Ling for a year or more in a row you can enjoy 5-10 days of paid annual leave; in addition employees can also enjoy marriage, maternity and nursing leave, carers leave, family leave, bereavement leave and so on.