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    occupational health

    Cherish life importance of occupational health staff

    Our employees cherish life, attaches great importance to the health of employees, promulgated and adopted a series of policies and measures to ensure that employees with good health and a positive attitude to work and promote the comprehensive development of staff. We have the spirit of “people-oriented, health first” philosophy, adhere to the “prevention first, combining prevention” approach, conscientiously implement the “People’s Republic of China Occupational Disease Prevention Law”, dedicated staff of occupational health surveillance.

    Adhere to the “protection” and “governance”, we actively promote occupational health care and workplace occupational hazards monitoring, occupational health examination rate remained at 100%; for the new recruits, companies will collectively arrange health checks for all positions staff arrange health check once a year. Take active measures against new suspected and professional staff for review taboo treatment and post exchange.

    The company carefully organized “Occupational Disease Prevention Law” campaign, enhance employee awareness of occupational disease prevention and control, universal knowledge of occupational disease prevention and occupational health and common sense. The company actively promote occupational health information management, and commissioning work to do to collect occupational health records and health record information.

    Features for the industry, the company conducted for all employees in phases occupational health training, encourage their employees to establish a correct concept of health, health knowledge to master the correct, healthy lifestyle choices, such as; organize special training occupational health management, universal occupational disease prevention and occupational health knowledge employee occupational health surveillance and support capability has been further enhanced.