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    Security concept

    Everyone diligence prior prevention

    Prevention first, that the work done beforehand safety control. First of all accidents can be prevented, round, full, the entire process of establishing the security control, prevention first thought; all security operations risks can be controlled; a threat is found to be promptly eliminated, “want me to safety.” and “I want security” should become the conscious action of workers, with a scientific attitude towards safety, concern for safety, safety in production behavior with disregard to fight.

    Everyone responsible, which emphasizes that all safety requirements for full participation. All levels of management are directly responsible for their own security, safety is the first to establish the efficiency of enterprises, is the first well-being of staff, is the first responsibility of all levels of thinking executives. The “all for safety, all subject to the security and everything to ensure the safety” of the target into every employee’s thoughts and actions, everyone truly conscientious, always follow, where the responsibility to put in place.

    Safe operation and recycling economy combined, the combination of security and economic benefits.
    Adhere to a comprehensive safety management, the establishment of security early warning mechanism; operating two safety systems, continued to destroy the source of danger.
    Comprehensive security management to achieve the “three sticks” and “two changes.”
    “Three stick” – insisted safety veto system, adhere to the “safe UNPROFOR responsibility”, insisted the monthly company-wide safety inspection.
    “Two Changes” – to achieve “want me safe” to “I want security” changes to achieve change, “everyone is a security officer,” the.

    Safety points:
    Staff training is the foundation, the control process is the key, according to regulatory action is crucial, safety is guaranteed.
    Safety training is the basis for us to do security work, safety training can improve our sense of safety, so that we keep in mind safety procedures. We want to conduct training exercises, the employees of the emergency mode of formation of memory in order to prevent accidents, to be able to do when an accident does not panic, rapid response according to a predetermined plan.

    Safe production of strategic thinking:
    Rely on employees, job-oriented, focusing on the team, on-site implementation.

    Production safety slogan:
    Safety is a big thing, security is the greatest benefit, safety is the largest employee benefits, life safety is the political cadres.

    Production safety strategic objectives:
    Reinforce basic safety, focusing on team building.